Hitting Thousands of Tennis Balls Myth

Hitting Thousands of Tennis Balls as a means to become a Great Player is a Myth.  While players do need to play a lot of tennis to Compete with the best players in their age category; becoming a great player has nothing to do with hitting thousands of tennis balls.  To start with, most kids cannot even play on a full tennis court in a way that will contribute to game mastery until they are between 14-18 years old.  Up until this time, its about fundamental skills, variations in play, and proper physical and mental education.  Of course players need to be active and kids who start earlier may have an advantage, but deliberate practice is by no means necessary until the player has reached a much higher playing stage.  Until then, good practice would be better described as deliberate play. Players can benefit from deliberate practice at a younger stage but only if the game and environment is regulated where the courts are the proper sizes and the environment is one that helps them understand the process of playing in a ranking system.

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