Tennis Courts are TOO BIG for Kids.  Kids learn tennis best in small spaces.  This creates pressure that is necessary for them to improve on the fundamentals of the game.  When there is no pressure to focus or keep the ball in, it’s easy for kids to check out during games and build upon bad habits that don’t relate to winning in tennis.  Even for older kids, sharing a tennis court makes it necessary for teenagers to take time between points to relax and plan for each point strategically. When two kids play a singles match, they tend to rush to the next point out of anxiety rather than taking the 15 – 25 seconds permitted to them to physically and mentally prepare for the next point.  Sharing the court forces them to learn how to deal with their emotions and play more strategically.  While the server should be allowed to play at his pace, for kids in middle school and high school who have only been in the game a few years sharing the court is essential for them to learn how to use this time between points.  Some players can self-regulate and learn to play tennis in a better way without smaller spaces or sharing the court, but for most us it isn’t until there is outside pressure or accountability that we really learn and progress.

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